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Water; Don’t Lose Your Bottle

reusable water bottle

In Australia we are fortunate to have a clean, healthy water supply. We are able to go to a tap and have clean fresh water immediately. Although the battle does wage about how clean it is, we’re lucky. We can drink it without getting sick. Besides that fact, I’m a firm believer that a few germs here and there will only strengthen our immune system. But if you are concerned about the water quality, or you don’t like the taste of your  tap water, invest in a filtered water jug. It’s reusable and makes your water taste so much better.

So with all this clean water, why do we insist on buying plastic bottled water – usually imported from overseas?! It doesn’t make sense, and it’s so expensive in the long term!

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Facts about single use plastic water bottles in Australia

  • The average cost of popular bottled water in Australia is $2.75 per litre
  •  In 2015 Australians purchased over 726 million litres of bottled water…that’s up to $2 billion worth of bottled water! 
  • 460,000 barrels of oil are required to manufacture and transport all this water.
  • Less than 40% of these bottles were recycled.
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So, a solid investment is a strong reusable water bottle. In my opinion, the best type are stainless steel. I actually have several! (To be honest, I may have just a small addiction.) I have reusable bottles for both my kids. My daughter picked hers herself. (It makes it easier for me to get her to take it everywhere!) I picked my son’s for him, but he seems to like all the colours on it. As he is only 1, I have a reusable straw I also have on hand so it’s available to him anytime. The smaller bottles are easier for little ones to hold, and they come in an amazing range of colours and patterns!

My son’s space bottle you can find here,  and my daughter’s unicorn bottle is no longer available, but you can find a similar one here!

They are incredibly sturdy and can stand up to being knocked about, dropped, and thrown (thanks Mr 1!) Stainless steel bottles are usually insulated also, so that your cold drink stays cold, or your hot drink stays hot for an extend period of time. In QLD we definitely need our water to stay cool when we’re out and about. You can get glass drink bottles too if you’d prefer. They can be just as nice, but just not the best around little hands. 

Reusable plastic water bottles, while better than single use plastic bottles, I have found, don’t stand up well to washing, or as much repeated use as their stainless steel counterparts. I also find plastic bottles tend to taste gross if left in the bottle too long.

water bottle

The initial cost is quite high in comparison, with a good quality stainless steel or glass bottle costing about $30 or more (unless you can find a good deal like we did! Check out Robins Kitchen deals). But, if you use single use plastic bottles every day it will cost you a lot more during the year. I’m going to use a bulk buy water sold in a supermarket for this example. Imagine the difference though, if you were paying the average $2.50!!!

For example,

if a 24 pack of 600ml water bottles cost $10

$10 / 24 = .41c per bottle

.41 x 365 days per year = $149.65

So over the course of a year you could be spending $150 on 1x 600ml bottle of water a day. (600ml a day isn’t nearly enough water intake a day anyway!) A stainless steel bottle can last years, AND it’s recyclable. Did I mention they are super pretty?!

Find your beautiful new reusable bottle where I did! Here. 

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