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Natural Multi Surface Spray

diy surface spray

This surface cleaner is SO easy. I’m talking 3 ingredients easy, cheap stuff at the supermarket easy. Best part? (Well, there’s 2 best parts in my opinion!) There are no harsh ingredients, and it WORKS! Whoop, whoop! Love inexpensive DIYs that are nothing short of amazing.

The hardest part about this recipe, if you’re new to natural DIYs, is getting past the ‘clean’ smell that comes with commercial cleaners. The strong artificial smell we all recognise to determine “clean”. We definitely can scent our natural spray, but the underlying component won’t feel enough for any newcomers to this game. That’s OK! Stick with it, we’ve just been programmed to recognise ‘clean’ as that highly noxious artifical smell masking any other odors. Yes, it does smell nice (although strong) but the smell itself isn’t really doing anything other than masking the odor of the chemicals doing the actual cleaning. This smell serves to make us feel that our space is truly ‘clean’. Trick of commercial marketing! Don’t worry though, this is reversible! I promise. Especially as the health risks of these synthesised fragrances are still debated. Artificial scents are still strongly associated with:

  • Asthma
  • Wheezing and chest tightness
  • Irritations
  • Headaches

Once you get used to the lower strength of smell of our natural cleaner (and you see what it can do), you’ll never go back! The thing is as a Mum, you really don’t want unknown chemicals floating around your home for your kids and the rest of your family to breathe in.  So, let’s get into it! Ready to rid your home of toxic chemicals and harsh fragrances?

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What You Need

1x Glass Spray Bottle (or reusable plastic bottle) 250ml – I like glass better, it preserves the essential oils better and looks nicer. But I understand that plastic is safer around our little people! I bought my beautiful blue one on Ebay here, or Amazon here.

Distilled Water and Vinegar in a (2:1 ratio) so in 250ml you’ll need about 80ml vinegar and 165ml distilled water. If you aren’t sure why distilled water is used rather than filtered or regular, distilled has been put though a filtration process that removes 100% of contaminants. Filtered water only removes some contaminants.

20 drops of Essential Oil – your powerhouses here are tea tree, clove, eucalyptus, or lemon.

natural surface spray


  1. Place a 2:1 ratio of distilled water and vinegar in your spray bottle, for example 300ml will require 200ml of water and 100ml of vinegar.
  2. Add your chosen essential oil drops! 
Surface Cleaning Spray

Rather Purchase?

This multi surface spray from Modere is a non toxic, family safe favourite! Developed for over 30 years from a trusted clean living company.

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