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Guide to Mastering Your Mean Girl

mastering your mean girl

There is SO much to love about this book. ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ is a personal development inspiration. Literally BURSTING with love, Melissa gently guides you though learning how to literally ‘master your mean girl’ and to let go and confront some of the limiting beliefs you may have that are keeping you from living you best life. 

I will admit I was sceptical to start with. I do love personal development books, and I’ve read several books that are inspirational at the time, but I do find the lessons are soon forgotten. ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ has stuck with me, and every day I’m working on her lessons and every day I’m FEELING the difference. Not only that, but Melissa goes on to give you access to her online resources to keep you accountable and doing everything you need to to get that dream! Find her toolkit here. She has printables and infographics to keep you motivated and learning every day as well!

Parts may seem a bit too spiritual, but that’s OK, Melissa understands that not one of us are the same, we all walk a different path, but we DO have very similar “operating systems” so to speak, and she is a master in walking you through what can be holding you back from reaching your full potential, and achieving everything you want to from the life that you want. 

I find that ‘Mastering You Mean Girl’ doesn’t only speak to you, but encourages you to take ACTION. The biggest thing you can take away from any personal development book is inspired action, that is perpetual. Not something that you read and think, “oh, awesome! I’m so inspired to get started tomorrow!”, but then the motivation soon leaves you and “tomorrow” never kind of eventuates? Does this sound familiar to you?

With ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’, Melissa holds you accountable and instructs you step by step how to make your life the best it can possibly be. Highly recommend the read!

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I highly recommend ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ if you are “stuck” in life, know you are capable of more, and want to find your true passion. Get out there and do it…with all the love you possess!!!

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