Who I Am

Hello friend! Welcome to my little part of cyber space! I’m Fiona; wife, and mum to two littles, (3 if you include our beautiful German Shepherd). 

I am passionate about being gentle to our earth in as many ways as I can, and help reduce the carbon footprint placed upon our planet. Since having my kids, I have been more active and driven to find natural solutions to health rather than chemical where possible. I was concerned what sort of world they would be left with if the adults didn’t set an example of how to look after it properly. Together we can make a difference – it takes a single person to make a change, to change the world.

My other interests also include travel, reading, and creating things. Whether it be sewing, painting, designing, baking, or creating natural health solutions – I love to try different things and incorporate the kids where possible. There is so much to learn! I am definitely an outdoor person, and find peace and inspiration exercising in our incredible outdoors. We’re fortunate enough to be spoiled for choice and variety on the Gold Coast! My family are my ultimate passion, being a Mum to my kids is my number one priority!

My main work background is aviation. I’ve been in airline ground services for most of my working life. It’s a dynamic, fascinating beast, but one that I adore. However, I’ve found shift work is quite demanding with a young family. Even just doing a couple of days a week. So, what’s a mum to do for the coming school years? This! Exactly this! Create, explore, develop, and find ways to make the world a better place! 

I hope you enjoy our discoveries! x