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Hey there! Join my journey with my little family as we explore a cleaner and more ecofriendly way to live! From creative DIYs, money saving eco swaps, and natural alternatives to chemical products…all with a sprinkle of family fun along the way!

Whether you’re just starting your own eco journey, or just looking for some more clean living ideas for your family- I’d love to help! I’m passionate about making small changes in my lifestyle to decrease my carbon footprint. Eventually I hope to be mostly zero waste, but for now I am still working on just doing the best I can. I developed this page so I can share all my eco ideas and discoveries with you as I go!

Where possible, I prefer to choose natural products over chemical ones, and some of the ones I’ve found are pretty incredible! I’m still learning as I go, but I’m loving the process! I try new things and see how they go, then pop them up on here for you!

Family health and clean living is my ultimate focus here, so I hope you enjoy your visit and find some inspiration! Any of your own suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated too; so comment, or get in touch with me. I’d love to connect!

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Fi x